In 1911, the CAVALIERI and ANTOINE families were already thinking of combining economy and ecology.
They founded the SOCIETE PARISIENNE DES SCIURES (PARIS SAWDUST COMPANY) for recovering sawdust
to be used in the surface treatment, floor absorbent, linoleum and Bakelite industries.
Taken over in 1988, the SOCIETE PARISIENNE DES SCIURES became S.P.P.S. and in 10 years, it established itself in new, more technological markets, taking on a new sales team and reorganising its production to adapt its offering to the needs of eco-industries.



The raw material, wood, is a living plant product that continuously evolves according to the soils and seasons.
To transform it into an industrial product with permanent characteristics, the production teams of
our four plants, in the AUVERGNE, the JURA and PICARDIE, keep improving the manufacturing processes in cooperation with the Development and Sales departments. This approach enables a natural, living, volatile material to gain added value by conversion into an industrial product compliant with high standards specifications.



S.P.P.S. produces wood shavings, chips, fibres and flour and exports 30% of its production to the European Union, Asia and Africa.
S.P.P.S. is the European leader chiefly in the following markets: meat and fish smoking
chips, ligno-cellulose fillers for cardboards, vegetal fillers for moulding compounds. Thanks to its location and logistic organization, SPPS guarantees fast delivery times throughout Europe.

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