Filtration and dewatering on filter presses and belt filter


The use of  ECOFILTER® in thickening on filter presses and belt filter presses optimizes the capacities of your installation and eliminates clogging of the supporting cloths.

ECOFILTER® improves the preparation of the sludge and increases their dewatering capability by acting as a structuring agent.







    Sludges in following industries :

      food                           mining and quarrying        ceramics and paint

carboard                   glass                                   chemicals and tanneries

surface treatment     metallurgy                          


ECOFILTER® as a filter aid, is mixed directly with the sludge to be dewatered, preferably before or during the flocculation or coagulation stage. The mixing is performed at a rate of 5 to 15 % in weight according to the concentration of products to be treated.



-      Improvement in the behaviour of the sludge on the filter cloth.

-      Increase in the pressure and the filtration rate

-      Reduction in sludge creep and less cleaning needed.

-      Improvement in dryness and in the action of the flocculant and/or coagulant.

-      Increase in the agronomic and energy content of the sludge.

-      Overall reduction in the costs of filtration.



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